Friday, April 23, 2010


Recently, yer old Uncle Jolty was commissioned to draw a little known, but well loved, funny book team.  Angel and the Ape was a short lived comic produced by two funny-book masters, Bob Oksner and Wally Wood, two personal favorites of mine.
I could wax poetic on the subject of the two ink-stained giants- I am a silver-tongues devil-, but I could never do them justice.  Use your google.  That’s what it’s there for.
“Angel and the Ape” was the story of a comic book artist gorilla and his foxy female friend, and all the crime-solving they could handle.  Now, while that might seem like a well-worn scenario, Oksner and Wood elevated it to a level that would cause the literary masters of old to blush.
It was with the same cosmic injustice, that has Mozart rotting in a paupers grave, that landed  “A&A” on the cancellation list.  I only hope my little tribute to the gorilla gum-shoe and his gal pal friday does them proud.

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  1. Holy cow!!! That's beautiful!!! I'd love to see you do an Angel and the Ape book for DC!