Friday, April 23, 2010


I have been told the great appeal of these blogs is not so much the finished articles that make their way on, but the odd scraps.  Well, Junior Jolters ( I will trademark that.  So, mitts off!), I am a man to satisfy that demand.  Behold, with astonished eyes, a treasure trove of twaddle.

Nothing thrills me more than to thrill you with so little.  From my very own sketchbook, oodles of doodles of huckabucks and nimrods.  All for your pleasure (and mine) and absolutely free!
Dig in and feast your eyes on characters that may or may not have made their way into a background of a panel from a story that may or may not have seen print.  Truth to tell, I have no idea.  What I can tell you is, I often enjoy drawing these slack-jawed, foot-dragging background dwellers, more than the four-color leading lads and lasses we plop down our hard earned paper and coin to read about.

After all,  who among you prances through life, clad in spandex and silver boots?  Unless you’re a professional wrassler or go by the name of Brett Michaels, I’d say none.
So, look, but not too long.  For the face you see staring back just might be your Aunt Martha.

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