Friday, April 23, 2010

Scarlet Scarab Chapter 3

Back in the golden nineties, your Joltin’ host was a member of the Austin Tx comics scene.  It was more fun than you can imagine, but, like most things in Austin, entirely too full of it’s own shit.  Austin was and always will be a town teaming with insufferable hipsters.
Many was the party kitchen gathering when I’d describe what I was up to, and some pseudo-intellectual sweet dude would respond, “So , you’re going to deconstruct the pulp hero archetype and blahdy-fart mouth I’m not listening any more?”
To which I would respond,” No.   It’s a straight adventure story.  Pulps are fun.”
The eyes of the Sebadoh t-shirt wearing micro-brewer would glaze over, his insect hipster brain unable to comprehend fun for fun’s sake.
I hope you enjoy this week’s chapter.

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