Friday, April 23, 2010


I’ll answer the questions that keep you tossing and turning, on your tear-soaked pillow.   What is Joltin’ Johnny working on? Is he fat with cash, or on the path to the debtors prison?
Don’t fret, my little angels.  Yer Uncle Jolt is just fine.  My nimble fingers are busy slinging ink, not digging through garbage for a primo refrigerator box.  No, my chillins, wind and rain won’t be matting my lovely locks any time soon.
Here’s what’s on the drafting table…

Recently, the kind folks at D.C. comics gave me the thumbs-up to work with my good buddy Jeremy Haun.  Jeremy’s a fine lad and deadly with the ol’ No.2.   Inking his work is pure joy.
You see, there are artists out there who believe their scribblings are gooder than gold.  Their hats are a couple sizes too small, get me?  You cannot count Jeremy among that class.  He’s a damn fine drawer, and he puts all his fightin’ tackle into it, but he’s not too precious about it.   He understands I’m a bird who needs to spread his wings a bit, and he’s more than fine with it.  Not only does he not mind when I noodle around and add the odd texture, or spot the odd black,  He encourages it.  When I send him pages, he’s quick with the compliments, and I’m a dog who loves a little sunshine on his ass.   Call me Sunny Bird-Dog, if you like, because I’m a contented pup.
Work with Jeremy, on MANHUNTER,  has led to me putting my inky prints on a few more of his books.  I lent a hand on ARKHAM REBORN, also from D.C., and BERSERKER from Top Cow.

A few years ago, I was earning my keep on a D.C./Vertigo title called EXTERMINTORS.   My main chore was inking or finishing the breakdowns of WALKING DEAD artist, Tony Moore.  When that book got the kibosh, Tony pulled me to his creator-owned book FEAR AGENT. It was business as usual.
For a while.
As time went on, Tony’s travels took him elsewhere.  So, FEAR AGENT co-creator, Rick Remender, brought in funny-book bad-ass, Mike Hawthorne.    In order to maintain a consistent look on the title, an odd arrangement was made.  Mike would do break-downs ( that’s loose pencils ), Tony would draw the main characters’ faces, and I, a long time Tony collaborator, would finish everything else in ink.
I know you’re wondering where all the heads are on the above pages.  Don’t scratch a whole in your head, or grind your teeth to nubs, worrying that yer ol’ pal, Joltin’ Johnny, has pebbles rattlin’ around in his brain-pan.  We switched the routine around for Tony’s convenience.  He, now, draws the faces last.
There are even more things in the works I can’t talk about, lest I bring the freelancer jinx down on my noggin.  So, rest easy little ones.  Dream you dreams of chasing rabbits, safe in the knowledge that more Joltin’ Johnny goodness is on its way.   When the day comes, I’ll hop on my roost and Cock-A-Doodle-Doo.

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