Friday, April 23, 2010


Why, he’s just the ding-dangest designer of  doo-dads and deeliwoppers you’ll ever see or hear of.  All manner of lights and chairs and other common household items become anything but common, when they come exploding out of his brain-pan.  If that wasn’t enough to ensure his enshrinement in the Hall of High-brow Heavyweights, Mr. Dixon had the good sense to pick little old me to draw a series of strips detailing his ever so awesome life as creator of all things keen.

This very day said strip makes it’s debut in Milan.  Crap on toast!  Did I just type Milan?!  You bet your sweet bippy I typed Milan.  As you read this oily European designer types are oggling your Unlce Jolty’s inky 2-D stylings- while drinking cappuccinos and smoking cigarettes, no doubt.

But don’t you fear you bright-eyed readers of rag-stock, your old pal, Joltin’ Johnny, isn’t about to go all continental on you.  Don’t expect to see me eating garden pests and pommes frites.  It’s burgers and fries til the day I dies- from congestive heart failure, no doubt.
So sit back and let your little peepers drink in the life of Tom Dixon, as drawn by yours truly.  Colors by John Rauch.  Letters by Greg Thompson.

For more information on Big Tom Dixon, see the links to the right of what you’re reading.  I’ll be celebrating my Americanism by eating while not hungry.

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