Tuesday, May 11, 2010


And they're coming your way from the good people at D.C. COMICS.  It's a little old book goes by the name of MIGHTY CRUSADERS.  The CRUSADERS are a group of costumed do-gooders, who were originally published by the now defunct RED CIRCLE comic company.  Though R.C. currently resides at the right hand of baby J.C., the CRUSADERS were just so danged cool D.C. felt obliged to snap em up and put their own damn stamp on em. 

This incarnation will feature art by Julian Lopez and my own self.  Julian is a Spaniard, but don't let that little bit of information put you off your eggs.  He's as sweet as can be and he wields the old no.2 like Zeus wields a thunderbolt.  I'm pleased as punch to be slappin' ink to his finely formed doodles.

Here's a link to the official press released.  It  might be more informative that my mad missive, but I can't imagine it'll be more entertaining. 


I'll post more art once I get the o.k. from D.C..  They're  a little funny about showing off art before the book hit the stands.  I guess they figure no one will buy the cow if they give away milk samples for free.

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  1. Hey, this looks really promising, John! I'll have to pick it up and give it a try. I vaguely remember some of these characters from their previous incarnations, so I'll be intrigued as to how your crew of merry men dust off these heroes for a modern audience. Congrats!