Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'll be prattling and shilling on Fanboy Radio this coming Sun 6ish pm central.  Fanboy is on T.C.U. radio station KTXU ( is that right?). I'll be yacking about, among other things, CONAN ROAD OF KINGS#1, which hits the stands the Wed. See how it all ties together? That's what we in the funny-book biz call professional polish. Pretty cute, huh?  It's a call-in show.  So, here's your chance to call me a fink. 

Or if you come from John Mccain's school of thought, "IN THE COMPUTER TUBES." I'll be interviewed on on Tuesday December 14th. The show starts around 7pm eastern.

I have a correction and new info.  The call letters and Phone number for Fanboy Radio.

KTCU FM 88.7 - The Choice
(817) 257-7631

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  1. The call letters are actually KTCU, and I always listen to Fanboy Radio through internet streaming on Sunday nights! Look forward to your interview.